FAITHWALK FELLOWSHIP San Antonio TX - II Cor 5:7. . . For we walk by faith, not by sight . . .
 About Us:  
Dr Chuck  and Peggy Irwin, are founders and Pastors of FaithWalk Fellowship Church in San Antonio.    Peggy and Chuck attended Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary in Kennedale, TX and Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX.     Chuck completed his Master's  in Theology at Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary while Peggy completed her Master’s in Theology in San Antonio at Vision International University.   Chuck went on to earn a PHD in Theology from The University of Devonshire.    
Chuck and Peggy have served in different ministries for over 25 years . They have helped plant 5. Churches before planting and serving as pastors at FaithWalk Fellowship. 
Our Spiritual authority and prayer covering is:
Arise International Ministries,
 Apostles Vance and Debbie Russell
12129 Ranch Rd 620 N Ste 650 Austin TX 78750
Our Bishop is Bill Hamon, Christian International, Santa Rosa, FL

Chuck retired from the Army before retiring from the insurance business where he worked as Regional Vice President for three different companies.  Peggy has been a licensed life and health insurance agent for  over 30 years and owns and operates  Masterbuilders Insurance Services with primary focus on group health.  Chuck loves to teach the word with accuracy , going to the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words.   He also hold prepardness seminars.   Peggy is an intercessor who has speaking engagements , and  she operates in the  prophetic and loves to encourage and exhort, as well as comfort with the word of God.
 Dr. Chuck and Peggy Irwin encourage strong  praise and worship.   We feel our mission is to worship the Lord Jesus in Spirit and truth as well as teach the gospel of Jesus without error or compromise.  
Out of our Intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit flow.   We encourage the body to flow in their gifts.
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